Duane Morris IP Portal

The Duane Morris Intellectual Property (IP) Practice Group is proud to offer its patent and trademark clients Web access to our firm-wide case management system, the Duane Morris IP Portal. Duane Morris has implemented the Patricia® system to automate and streamline the many thousands of United States and foreign patent and trademark portfolios owned by our clients. Through the Duane Morris IP Portal, clients can access — at no cost — a wealth of information about their patent and trademark portfolios.

Duane Morris IP Portal Features

The Duane Morris IP Portal offers clients a single, easy-to-use online tool to review all of their patent and trademark matters being handled by Duane Morris. Features include:

  • A simple, Web-based interface, no additional software or hardware needed
  • Self-service tools for clients to manage their patent and trademark portfolios
  • A menu of reports available for downloading IP information
  • Secure, password-protected access to the Duane Morris IP Portal
  • Secure, read-only access restricted to a client's individual IP information

Duane Morris IP Portal Benefits

Clients benefit from on-demand access to their IP holdings, available on their time and at their convenience. With the IP Portal, clients can:

  • Log in over a secure network to access their IP information anywhere, anytime
  • Generate and share IP reports throughout the enterprise, quickly and easily
  • Obtain information necessary for long-term planning and budgeting fees necessary to maintain their IP portfolio
  • Review the status of all IP holdings in real-time
  • Obtain a range of useful information concerning their patent and trademark property
  • Search for patent and trademark information by a range of criteria to quickly find the needed information

Support and Training

The Duane Morris IP Portal delivers sophisticated IP management tools through an intuitive Web page format. To help our clients quickly familiarize themselves with the IP Portal, Duane Morris offers tutorials on a number of the IP Portal's functions, including searching records and generating reports.

For more information and access to the Duane Morris IP Portal, please contact your Duane Morris IP attorney.

About the Duane Morris Intellectual Property Practice Group

Duane Morris' Intellectual Property Practice Group of more than 50 attorneys focuses on leveraging clients' intellectual property capital to help them achieve success in the marketplace. Our IP lawyers provide counsel on establishing and protecting IP rights to help clients realize the most value from those assets. From patents to trademarks and copyrights to licensing and technology transfers to e-commerce to IP audits and IP asset due diligence, our attorneys offer clients portfolio management and strategic advice on obtaining and protecting valuable intellectual property. Our IP lawyers also provide clients with great breadth and experience in litigating IP matters.

Duane Morris is continually pursuing innovative ways and technologies to address the evolving needs of our clients. With the new Duane Morris IP Portal, we are dramatically improving how we work with our clients to proactively and strategically manage their most valuable assets.

About Duane Morris

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