Duane Morris & Selvam (Myanmar) Limited
Kantharyar Centre Office Tower, Unit no. #18-01
No.11, Corner of Kan Yeik Thar Road & U Aung Myat Street, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township
Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: +959 4 4154 6892

Duane Morris' office in Yangon, Myanmar, established through its joint law venture with Singapore-based Selvam LLC, serves international and domestic clients, focusing on investment and business matters. Duane Morris was among the first U.S.-based firms to open an office in Myanmar, providing on-the-ground, high-quality counsel to foreign and domestic businesses seeking to seize opportunities while minimizing the inherent risks in an emerging market.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Non-lawyers in the business community often view mergers and acquisitions as straightforward affairs but in fact, major corporate transactions have far-reaching consequences for companies. Transactional lawyers are charged with the responsibility for an ever-increasing number of regulatory and legal issues that must be resolved in order to fully protect their clients. Our multi-specialist lawyers lead every stage of the transaction to ensure that clients receive a seamless delivery of legal services that is effectively and efficiently integrated and managed.

Corporate Finance

We have advised on a broad range of cross-border investment transactions including divestments, hive offs and spin offs, corporate reorganisation and court-sanctioned schemes of arrangement. Our experience extends to:

  • Advising on company group structures and share capital structures to meet client's objectives
  • Advising on transaction structures and financing issues
  • Creating security for financing including asset-backed securitisation
  • Advising on stamp duties and tax implications of transactions
  • Drafting transactional documents
  • Assisting in due diligence

Licensing/Market Entry

In any emerging market, you have to measure both opportunity and risk and also gain an understanding of the nuances and the subtleties of how business is done there. There is a growing amount of interest in Myanmar from businesses in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere in Asia. To help our clients invest and operate in this rapidly evolving business environment, we call upon our experience representing the government and various commercial entities in Myanmar and our understanding of the issues that businesses face when they engage with international counterparts, raise capital and navigate potential issues.

Funds, Private Equity & Venture Capital

We represent high-net worth individuals, private equity funds, venture capital funds and investee companies from a wide range of industries (including life sciences, education, technology, insurance and natural resources) at every point in the investment process, from helping them to negotiate and evaluate private equity transactions to restructuring and selling distressed businesses.

Our current clients include finance houses, global commercial and investment banks, investment managers, corporate financiers, offshore hedge funds, private equity firms and investors, private investment companies and insurance companies. We have experience advising in relation to all types of investment instruments, including preferred and common equity, senior, subordinated and convertible debt, bridge loans, options, warrants and exchangeable instruments. We also have long-standing and broad-based experience in the important process of exiting investments and realising value, including public offerings, recapitalisations, strategic sales and workouts. Such wealth of experience enables us to identify key market terms and emerging trends.

Our services include:

  • Advising on the marketing of a wide range of investment fund type funds, an area which is heavily regulated
  • Structuring hedge funds and funds of hedge funds and advising on their operation
  • Structuring corporate funds whose shares are traded on the Alternative Investment Market
  • Reviewing private equity fund documentation on behalf of potential investors
  • Advising on the negotiation and documentation of complex derivative transactions and their regulatory treatment
  • Advising investment managers both on and off-shore
  • Advising corporate finance houses
  • Tax and structuring advice for investors, investment vehicles and individual principals

Project Financing

We are able to represent participants in every aspect of development, financing, construction and operation of capital intensive projects and facilities around the region. Our lawyers have experience advising international banks, financial institutions, multilaterals, developers and investors. Their projects include power plants, pulp mills, telecommunications networks and facilities and other infrastructure assets.

We have advised on matters such as:

  • Structuring project arrangements - these arrangements include conventional construction and term loan facilities, letters of credit facilities, commercial paper facilities and financing from multilateral institutions
  • Negotiating, drafting and evaluating key project documents and financing related documents such as off-take agreements, sponsor support agreements, subordination agreements and intercreditor agreements
  • Preparing tender documentation, bids and proposals to acquire project assets

U.S. FCPA and UK Bribery Act Matters

For corporations based in the U.S. and Europe, bribery and corruption issues are something that they must remain aware of to ensure that they are not falling foul of their home legislation, whether it be the U.S. FCPA, UK's Bribery Act or other laws. We provide guidance to reach commercial and legal solutions for investors and entities' entry to Myanmar.

Corporate Commercial

As external legal advisers to publicly listed companies, multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies, our full service corporate practice has the necessary sophistication and resources to allow us to be efficient and responsive to our clients' needs. These advantages allow us to offer our clients custom legal solutions and professional project management in a uniquely efficient and cost-sensitive manner, regardless of whether we are functioning as sole legal counsel for companies or working together with in-house legal departments to provide critical advice on complex legal issues.

Corporate Real Estate

We have long-standing relationships with key players in the real estate market and our focus on innovative solutions to real estate issues have enabled us to represent major banks, financial institutions, real estate companies and individual in transactions involving construction, mortgages, debentures, loans and mezzanine financing related to land as well as leases of industrial, commercial and residential properties. Many of the real estate transactions that we handle are extremely complex and present a variety of challenges.

We have advised on matters such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing of construction and asset management contracts for a securitisation exercise
  • Drafting and reviewing various security documents such as all monies open mortgages, deed of assignment of rental proceeds and debentures
  • Commercial and residential development projects for listed property developers involving several hundred units
  • Advising as head counsel for the first integrated commercial and residential project with public transport system
  • Floor financing documentation for moving stock
  • Ship mortgages for refinancing of existing vessels and new builds
  • Assignment of Charter Hire Insurances and Earnings

Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution practice of Selvam LLC conducts a wide array of contentious and non-contentious work in multiple jurisdictions in Asia, and engage in both domestic and international arbitration matters.

Reach includes:

  • Admiralty & maritime
  • Banking, finance, securities and brokerage disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Disputes arising out of partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures
  • Employment matters
  • Intellectual property, technology, media and entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Property and construction disputes
  • White collar crime

Intellectual Property

In this age of global competition and the wide-ranging intellectual property protection afforded by international conventions, companies (whether as proprietors or licensees) no doubt have to manage numerous risks arising from the various types and complexity of IP assets. Our lawyers are well versed in the acquisition and protection of IP rights as well as managing and development those IP rights. As such, we are able to advise clients in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets at any stage in the growth and development of their IP assets. Our practice also extends to the ever-evolving high-tech world. Our tech-savvy team is engaged on matters involving software development, content licensing, website development and a myriad of e-commerce related issues. Lastly, we actively assist our clients in selecting and clearing trademarks and service marks, registering and maintaining marks and copyrights, both domestically and globally.


The Tax Practice is an integral part of our transactional practice, working closely with our corporate lawyers to structure and effectuate complex transactions from a tax perspective to better fit our clients' business objectives. For M&A transactions, we also assist in tax due diligence. Apart from institutional and corporate clients, we also advise on the tax aspects of charities, institutions of public character and other not-for-profit organizations.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Unlike other firms of our size and sophistication, we speak and understand the language of the TMT field and have the resources to protect any TMT company's intellectual property interests worldwide. We are focused on private equity, pre-IPO fundraisings and M&A work for TMT companies, particularly for the telecoms sector. Our extensive industry expertise and relationships, combined with our capabilities across critical legal disciplines, permit us to meet the full needs of TMT across industries.


Our shipping practice team is fully equipped to advise on all legal aspects relating to the shipping industry. We draw upon experience and in-depth industry knowledge in order to support our clients and their needs.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Charterparty disputes
  • Cargo claims
  • Commodity trading and trade finance
  • Mortgage enforcement and ship finance disputes
  • Marine insurance
  • Oil trading and transportation
  • Shipbuilding, repairs and conversion
  • Ship finance and ship sale & purchase

Banking & Finance

Our Banking and Finance Industry Group provides advice on a wide range of banking and financial services. We understand our clients' goals and are able to adapt our approach and recommendations, and model innovative arrangements or entire financial structures to obtain optimal solutions. We provide advice to leading financial institutions on banking issues, capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions and securities regulatory matters. We represent a broadly based and diversified number of providers and consumers of credit around the world, advising our clients in complex financing transactions. In light of the unique risk-oriented nature of a financial institution's business and the highly regulated environment in which it operates, we recognise the importance of providing timely and seamless services. No complex financing transaction occurs in isolation. In many cases, complexities will arise due to the structuring of acquisitions, the creation of holding companies, taxation, restructuring and insolvency or real estate issues. We believe in an interdisciplinary team approach to meeting a client's transactional and advisory needs.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Myanmar is blessed with natural resources, and has tremendous potential for numerous industries to attract a great deal of foreign investment. As the economy opens more and more and infrastructure improvements take hold, we are helping clients to establish investments and entities in areas such as oil, natural gas, coal, minerals and copper.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Leon Yee or any of the lawyers referenced in the Attorney Listing.

Duane Morris(德茂律师事务所,以下简称 “德茂”)在缅甸仰光的办事处,是通过与其合 资的 Selvam LLC(新加坡欣文律师事务所,以下简称 “欣文”)共同设立的,通过两个紧 密联系的律师事务所:Duane Morris & Selvam (Myanmar) (德茂欣(缅甸)律师事务所, 以下简称 “德茂欣(缅甸)”)和 Selvam & Partners(欣文&合伙人律师事务所,以下简 称“欣文&合伙人”),服务于国内外客户,并专注于投资和商务相关法律事务。德茂是第一 家在缅甸设立办事处的美国律师事务所,为国内外企业提供符合缅甸国情的,高品质的法律 服务。旨在为客户抓住机遇的同时,尽可能地减少其在缅甸这个充满活力的新兴市场中所可 能面临的潜在风险。我们的律师在缅甸与商界人士和政府建立了牢固的关系,并多年与缅甸 总检察长办公室保持密切合作。 


商界的非律师人士常视兼并与收购为简单的业务,但事实上,重大公司交易对公司有着深远 的影响。交易律师们承载着解决日益增多的监管问题以及法律问题的责任,因为必须将这些 问题解决才能全面保护客户的利益。我们精通多项专业的律师们在交易中每一阶段进行引导, 以确保在交易各阶段为客户提供无缝、有效、高效整合的法律服务。


我们在跨境贸易中提供法律咨询,内容涉及广泛,包括撤资、公司的部分剥离和分拆、公司 重组和法院批准的收购协议安排。我们的经验包括:

  • 就公司集团构架和股权构架提供法律咨询,以满足客户的需求 
  • 就交易构架和融资事务提供法律咨询 
  • 为融资提供担保,包括资产证券化 
  • 就交易中的印花税和其他税务问题提供法律咨询
  • 起草交易文件 
  • 协助尽职调查


在任何新兴市场,都必须在衡量机遇与风险的同时,了解在当地开展商业活动的细微差别。 来自欧洲、美国和亚洲其他地区的企业对缅甸的兴趣与日俱增。我们凭借代表缅甸政府和众 多在缅企业的经验,以及我们对相关问题的理解,即企业在与国际合作方进行交涉、资本募 集和化解潜在危机中所面临的问题的认识,协助客户在这个迅速发展的商业环境中进行投资 和经营。


我们的客户高净值人士、私募股权基金、风险投资基金和被投资公司遍布广泛的行业领域, 包括生命科学、教育、技术、保险和自然资源,我们为他们从谈判和评估私募股权交易到重 组和销售不良资产,在投资进程的各个阶段提供法律协助。

我们目前的客户包含金融公司、全球商业和投资银行、投资经理、企业金融家、海外对冲基 金、私募股权公司与投资者、私人投资公司和保险公司。我们就所有类型的投资工具都具有 丰富的经验,包括优先股、普通股,以及高级、次级和可转化债券、过桥贷款、期权、认股 权证和可交易金融工具。此外,我们对退出投资和价值变现这一重要流程,包括首次公开募 股、资产重组、战略出售和债务重组也具有长期和广泛的经验。这些丰富的经验,使我们能 够洞察重要市场动态和新兴趋势。 


  • 为多种投资资金的基金的营销,这个受到严格监管的领域,提供法律咨询
  • 为对冲基金和对冲基金的资金构架及其操作提供法律咨询 
  • 为在另类投资市场上进行股权交易的公司基金的构架提供法律咨询 
  • 代表潜在投资者,审阅私募股权基金文件
  • 为复杂的衍生产品交易的谈判、文件及其监管,提供法律咨询 
  • 为国内和离岸投资经理提供法律咨询 
  • 为公司融资机构提供法律咨询 
  • 为投资者、投资公司和个人,提供税收和架构方面的法律咨询


我们能代理项目相关方,在开发、融资、建设和运营周边的资本密集型项目和设施的各个方 面提供协助。我们的律师在向国际银行、金融机构、多边机构、开发商和投资者提供法律咨 询方面拥有丰富的经验。所涉及的项目包括发电厂、纸浆厂、电信网络和设施设备及其他基 础设施建设。


  • 构架项目安排 – 这些安排包括常规建设和定期贷款、信用证、商业票据和从多边机 构融资 
  • 谈判、起草和评估主要项目文件和融资相关文件,诸如承销协议、贷款供给协议、次 级贷款协议以及债权协议
  • 准备招标文件、投标和标书,以获取招标项目


对于美国和欧洲的公司,贿赂和腐败问题是他们必须时刻警惕的,以确保自己没有违反其本 国立法,无论是美国反海外腐败法案(FCPA)和英国反贿赂法案(UKBA)亦或是其他法律。 我们为投资者和进入缅甸的企业,提供商业和法律解决方案的指引。


作为上市公司、跨国公司及中小企业的外部法律顾问,我们全方位的公司法服务领域具备必 要的经验和资源,使我们能够迅速地响应客户的需求。这些优势使得我们能够在高效和节省 成本的方式下,为我们的客户提供定制的法律解决方案和专业的项目管理,而无论我们是作 为公司的唯一法律顾问还是与其内部法律部门进行合作为复杂的法律问题提供重要意见。


我们与房地产市场的核心机构保持长期合作关系。我们专注于房地产问题的最新解决方案, 这使我们能够在涉及土地相关的建设、抵押、债券、贷款和夹层融资,以及工业、商业及住 宅的租赁交易中,代表各大银行、金融机构、房地产公司和个人。我们处理过的许多房地产 交易都是非常复杂且极具有挑战性的。


  • 为证券化交易起草和审阅建筑和资产管理合同 
  • 起草和审阅各种担保文件,比如开放式不定额按揭、租金收益和债券的转让协议 
  • 为上市房地产开发商涉及几百个单元的商业和住宅开发项目提供法律咨询
  • 作为首席顾问,为第一个商业和住宅一体化项目及其公共交通系统提供法律咨询 
  • 为流动库存准备贷款文件
  • 为现有船舶和新建船舶的再融资进行船舶抵押 
  • 船舶租赁保险和收益的分配 


欣文律师事务所的争议解决部门已在亚洲多个司法管辖区内开展了广泛的诉讼和非诉工作, 并参与国内和国际的仲裁业务。


  • 海事和海运 
  • 银行、金融、证券和经纪纠纷 
  • 合同纠纷
  • 由合伙协议、股东协议、收购、兼并和合资企业引起的纠纷
  • 劳动法业务
  • 知识产权、科技、传媒和娱乐
  • 保险
  • 房地产和建筑纠纷
  • 白领犯罪


在这个全球竞争和知识产权被国际公约广泛保护的时代,公司(无论是作为所有权人还是被 许可人)毫无疑问都不得不控制由各类复杂的知识产权资产而引起的风险。我们的律师精通 知识产权的收购和保护,以及管理和开发。鉴于此,我们能够在客户知识产权资产增长与发 展的任何阶段,就专利、商标、著作权和商业秘密的相关事务向客户提供法律咨询。我们的 业务也延伸到不断发展的高科技界。我们的技术团队参与到了包括软件开发、内容许可、网 站开发和各种各样的电子商务相关事项。最后,我们积极协助我们的客户在国内和全球范围 内,选择合适的商标和服务标志,注册并保护标志及著作权。


税务领域是我们交易业务中的一个组成部分,与我们公司法律师紧密合作,从税务的角度构 架和实现复杂的交易,以便更好地配合客户需求。在兼并与收购交易中,我们还协助税务尽 职调查。除机构和公司客户外,我们还为慈善机构、公共机构和其他非营利组织,提供税务 方面的法律咨询。


不同于与我们规模和经验相同的其他律师事务所,我们理解 TMT 领域,并拥有在世界范围 内保护任何 TMT 公司的知识产权的资源。我们专注于私募股权、首次公开募股前的资金募 集及 TMT 公司兼并与收购,尤其是电信行业。我们丰富的行业知识以及社会关系,结合我 们在关键法律学科上的能力,使得我们能满足 TMT 行业的所有需求。


我们航运业务团队完全具备为所有与航运业有关问题提供法律咨询的能力。我们利用专业特 长和深入的行业知识来协助我们的客户并满足他们的需求。 


  • 船舶的扣留 
  • 船舶碰撞和海事伤亡
  • 船舶租赁纠纷
  • 货物索赔
  • 商品交易和贸易融资
  • 抵押执行和船舶融资纠纷
  • 海事保险
  • 石油贸易和运输
  • 造船、修理和改造
  • 船舶融资和船舶买卖


我们银行和金融业务团队为广泛的银行和金融业务提供法律咨询。我们了解客户的目标且能 够调整我们的方式和建议及设计创新模式或整个融资构架,以获得最佳解决方案。我们为主 要的金融机构,就银行业务、资本市场交易、兼并与收购和证券监管事项提供法律咨询。我 们代理世界各地的多样化的贷款方和消费者,在复杂的金融交易中为其提供法律咨询。鉴于 金融机构业务的独特风险导向性本质,以及受到严格监管的经营环境,我们深知提供及时和 无缝衔接服务的重要性。复杂的融资交易不会孤立地发生,在许多情况下,收购架构、控股 公司的设立、税务、重组和破产或房地产问题将会使交易变得十分复杂。我们相信一个跨法 学领域的团队协作可满足客户交易的需求。


缅甸很幸运的拥有丰富的自然资源,许多行业都具有吸引大量外国投资的巨大潜力。随着经 济的更加开放和基础设施的改善,我们正协助客户在石油、天然气、煤炭、矿产和铜等领域 进行投资和设立企业。


请联系 Krishna Ramachandra 律师或在律师名单中的律师,以获得更多详情。