The Duane Morris China Practice Group provides Chinese companies with effective and practical solutions for doing business in South East Asia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, North America and Latin America, as well as counsel to companies with operations and transactions in China. With offices in Shanghai and Taiwan, Duane Morris and Asia-based joint-law venture Duane Morris & Selvam LLP focus on helping clients achieve investment and business goals, with an emphasis on facilitating outbound investment for Chinese corporations. Additionally, the China Practice supports foreign aspects relating to inbound investment and works with local law firms on domestic aspects of Chinese law.

As a full-service global law firm, armed with a multitude of competencies in various practice areas, Duane Morris has the international reach needed to serve clients in the increasingly borderless global economy.

The China Practice serves several particular industry sectors, including energy and utilities, financial institutions, telecommunications, manufacturing, information technology and transportation. We assist a wide range of clients in these industries with:

  • Advice on foreign direct investment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capital structuring and financing
  • Credit transactions
  • Market entry
  • Outbound investing
  • Investment and growth strategies
  • Corporate law, including advice on public offerings, private placements, shareholder rights, anti-takeover measures, board issues
  • Taxation
  • Licensing and joint ventures
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Reporting requirements and regulatory issues
  • Securities disputes and litigation
  • Limited partnership syndications

Some members of the China Practice provide Private Client Services to high-net-worth clients, advising on family trusts, cross-border investment and governance, immigration, establishing family offices, family and matrimonial law, and estate planning matters.

Our China Practice team includes lawyers qualified to practice law in China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and elsewhere. Our team works closely with a wide spectrum of Chinese professionals, including bankers, financiers, tax advisers, project consultants and lawmakers. Our professionals have a deep understanding and knowledge of the Chinese culture and maintain connections with individuals, entities and businesses in China.

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For more information, please contact Leon Yee or any of the lawyers referenced in the Attorney Listing.


Duane Morris 中国业务部为中国内地公司在东南亚、中国香港、英国、北美和拉丁美洲开展业务提供有效可 行的解决方案,为在中国开展业务和交易的公司担任法律顾问。Duane Morris 在上海设立事务所,经由合资 律师事务所 Duane Morris & Selvam LLP 管理,致力于帮助客户实现投资和商业目标,着重为中国企业推动境 外投资。此外,中国业务部还为涉及境外投资的国外相关事项提供支持,并就中国法律规定的国内相关事 项与本土律师事务所合作。

作为一家提供全方位服务的全球化律师事务所,Duane Morris 拥有众多业务领域的综合职业素养,能在国界 日益模糊的全球经济环境中为客户提供国际化服务。

中国业务部服务于多个特别行业领域,包括能源和公共事业、金融机构、电信、制造业、信息技术和交通 运输。我们在这些行业为广大客户提供以下协助:

  •  外国直接投资咨询
  • 兼并与收购 
  • 资本构建与融资 
  • 贷方交易 
  • 市场准入 
  • 境外投资 
  • 投资与增长战略 
  • 公司法,包括公开发售、私募、股东权利、反收购措施、董事会事务等方面的咨询 
  • 税务 
  • 许可与合资 
  • 知识产权事务 
  • 报告要求与监管问题 
  • 证券纠纷与诉讼 
  • 有限责任合伙企业联合组织

我们的中国业务部团队包括了熟悉中国、新加坡、英国、美国等国法律的合格律师。我们的团队与中国各 界专业人士紧密合作,包括银行家、金融家、税务顾问、项目顾问和立法人士。我们的专业人士对中国文 化有深刻的了解和理解,与中国各界人士、机构和企业保持良好的联系。


如欲了解更多信息,请联系 Leon Yee律师名单中提及的任何律师。