Financial services providers, from investment and commercial banks to insurers and market-makers, face an immense array of business opportunities. As the barriers between competing providers of financial services continue to erode, market participants whose core businesses revolve around raising capital, managing money, financing, lending or insuring can embrace a combination of all of these options. The challenge for each business will be to determine which products, services and markets will provide the best opportunities for growth and profits, while simultaneously navigating the constantly changing maze of regulatory requirements.

Duane Morris routinely advises clients in the capital markets, financial markets, banking and institutional lending, insurance and commercial lending sectors. Because our lawyers are involved on a daily basis in virtually every aspect of the financial services industry, we readily recognize issues of importance to our clients and work in tandem with them to turn challenges into opportunities. Clients value the firm's participation in each segment of the financial services industry and our resulting ability to apply that broad perspective to their business strategies and tactics.

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