Not every financially troubled company needs bankruptcy protection. Not every insolvent business needs to shut its doors. At Duane Morris, we work with each client to determine the best strategy for deriving maximum value from a troubled company aimed at accomplishing a result that meets or exceeds the client's goals.

The lawyers in Duane Morris' Business Reorganization and Financial Restructuring group have earned a reputation for thoroughly understanding the rights and obligations of the various constituencies involved with a financially distressed company, developing a plan of action designed to achieve the client's goals, and executing the plan under what are often very difficult and rapidly changing circumstances. Regardless of whether the plan of action involves bankruptcy, the enforcement of creditors' rights, an out-of-court financial restructuring transaction, or an insurance company or cross-border insolvency, Duane Morris lawyers are fully prepared to protect and advance the client's interests.

Business publication The Deal consistently ranks Duane Morris as one of the most active bankruptcy practices in the United States. Our lawyers are continuously attuned to all major developments in the law affecting our clients' rights and hold conferences and produce publications on the most significant legal developments of the past year, other timely topics and the current environment in the capital markets.

Duane Morris has bankruptcy, restructuring and creditors' rights lawyers in many major business and financial centers. This broad geographic reach includes a presence in our offices in New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Pittsburgh, Newark and Wilmington, Delaware, the U.S. corporate law capital. While we are positioned in close proximity to the majority of our clients, no matter where they are based, our clients benefit from the seamless delivery of our legal services.

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For more information, please contact Meagen E. LearyWendy M. Simkulak or any of the practice members referenced in the Attorney Listing.

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